Hey Friends...Read This First!Edit

I know my parties aren't the best. To help me make this one great, read the steps!


1. Look at what we HAVE.
2. Look at what we NEED.
3. Decide on what your bringing and delete it from NEED and move it to HAVE. 
a.) Do so by clicking "edit" next to "Party Plans".
4. If you have an idea of something that someone can bring, add it to NEED.

Party Plans:Edit

What we HAVE: (here is where you put what you are bringing)

- Beer
- Paper Plates, Plastic Forks & Spoons
- Beerpong Table, Solo Cups, and Ping Pong Balls
- Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Condiments

What we NEED to enhance the party: (here are ideas of what should be brought)

- Guitar
- Hotdog and Hamburger Buns
- Bean Bags or just some sort of chairs
- Tiki Torches
- Towels
- Fire Wood
- S'more Kit
- Designated Drivers!


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